One year ago, we released the new Viper range: a collection of racquets designed for padel. With the sport becoming faster and more dynamic, we created three racquets to respond to the needs of different players: Technical, Air and Counter.  The new Viper range 2022, features the same explosive power with a brand new and exclusive design. The smoke effect design is unique to each racquet. No two models are the same, making your racquet one of a kind.

The Viper range was born from the study and observation of padel players and their needs.
These racquets are made using advanced technology; the hole distribution scheme on the racquet, its shape, and the materials used to make it all ensure maximum comfort.
Here at Babolat, we believe that different types of players require different styles of racquets. Each of our racquets has its own specific design and shape.  
The Viper range, endorsed by nº1 player in the World Padel Tour, Juan Lebrón, is a feat of pure engineering. These racquets offer explosive power, precision, tolerance and manueverabilty.

This range is perfect for advanced players, and offers a choice of three different models: Technical Viper, Air Viper and Counter Viper. 



Here’s a recap of the three different types of players and the racquet that suits each of their needs. 

-    The Technical Striker: Technically flawless. This style of player attacks with power and precision from anywhere on the court. They can get the ball to any spot on the court within their line of vision. The ideal racquet for this player is the TECHNICAL VIPER, a racquet that provides explosive power and precision. 

-    Air Striker: quick on their feet and always on the offensive, this style of player is never far from the net. They play an explosive game, striking whenever an opportunity presents itself. This type of player is so light on their feet, they often give the impression they’re playing on air. The ideal racquet for this player is the AIR VIPER, which provides explosive power and maneuverability. 

-    Counter Striker: A patient player, always on the counter-attack. This player receives the opponents balls and returns them relentlessly until the opportunity arises to get up to the net and score themselves a point. The perfect racquet for this player is the COUNTER VIPER, which provides explosive power and tolerance. 

The new Viper series gives you the explosive power you need, as well as a racquet with a completely unique design.