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Babolat Canada


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Enormous capacity

travel effortlessly carrying tons of gears while this bag roll for you


thanks to this built in racquet holder, you can organize the space into the huge volume of the 1 week tournament, and use this racquet holder as a real satellite that you can take with you on court while letting your 1 WEEK TOURNAMENT in your room.


travel safe when using your bag as a check in bag, by removing the shoulder straps to avoid any incident during the transportation


Removable Shoulder Straps

Removable Shoulder Straps

Shoulder strap system that can be removed when checking your bag at the airport to avoid potential damage.

Durable Insulated Compartement

Durable Insulated Compartement

New EXTRA durable, light, recyclable and dye-free insulated fabric to keep your racquets safe from a wide range of temperatures and thermal variations.



A bag that can be packed inside a smaller bag to save space. A smaller bag allows more storage options at home and reduces the carbon footprint during transportation.