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At Babolat, making tennis fun for kids is our mantra. That's why we created racquets like the B-Fly, to help your kid have fun faster on court, with a cool-looking design they will love. Learning the fundamentals is important too, so we integrated educational tools directly onto the racquet to help your kids master the basics of tennis. It's no surprise the B-Fly is recommended by 6000 coaches around the world.*

The B-Fly 21 is recommended for girls whose height is between 105-120 cm (41.5-47 in.).

*coaches under contract with Babolat or affiliated with Babolat clubs


We focused a lot on understanding how to make tennis much easier to learn for kids. How should I put my hands? How should I hold my racquet when waiting for a serve ?... are questions commonly asked when you start practicing. Now you understand why the racquet features an educational grip and some visual tips on the frame. We just wanted to help them in a fun and easy way to properly position their hands on the handle and to get the right attitude on court. How cool is this ? You might have stopped tennis as a kid because you found it too hard. Not anymore. Today, your child can benefit from the latest materials and innovations that are specifically designed for young players. Made out of aluminium, our B-Fly racquets are lightweight and feature larger headsizes, making tennis easier and more fun to learn.


Head Size 610 cm² Length 533 mm
Weight (unstrung) 190 g +/- 7g Balance (unstrung) 260 mm +/- 7mm
Swing Weight
Stringing Pattern 16/18
Stiffness (RA) 35 Section 21-21-21


Kid Size for Racket

41.5-47 in

Tension Recommended 21-24 Kg Strung / Unstrung Strung