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Babolat Canada


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Max out your spin and get ready for the fight. With the Pure Aero, anything feels possible, any angle seems reachable… and any opponent is beatable. Babolat created THE spin machine to help feed your insatiable desire to dominate the game.

In 2003, convinced that players would use spin to dominate, Babolat launched the Pure Aero: the first racket engineered specifically for spin. Year after year, we collaborated with Rafael Nadal and top players to innovate and Evolve the world's first aerodynamic frame. The results speak for themselves. With 22 Grand Slam singles titles and counting, the Pure Aero is a feared weapon on tour. Now it's your turn to discover what the ultimate spin machine can bring to your game.

Light, maneuverable, and spin friendly racket, the Pure Aero Lite is a great option whether you are a junior transitioning into an adult racket or you’re an adult looking for a user-friendly racket.


Open up the court and exhaust your opponent. Whether you are already a heavy spinner or just an aggressive player looking for the extra edge, this racket has been designed with one single goal in mind: enhance your spin. With it, you will find new incredible angles on the court and surely drive your opponent mad, visiting all areas of the court. You need power to support your offensive game. From day 1, we developed a racket to support your pace and spin and help you push your opponent behind the baseline. We fine-tuned again the latest generation of Pure Aero to combine power and massive spin for you to take advantage of any opportunities to hit winners. To dominate the game, you also need a pure feeling at impact. Getting this extra feeling has been a key improvement we made with this new Pure Aero. You can now take full control of your ball trajectories and even bring variety in your game while attacking the net to finish points or hit a malicious drop shot.


Head Size 645 cm² Length 685 mm
Weight (unstrung) 315 g +/- 7g Balance (unstrung) 315 mm +/- 7mm
Swing Weight 300 Stringing Pattern 16/19
Stiffness (RA) 71 Section 23-26-23
Composition Graphite Recommended String RPM Blast / RPM Rough
Tension Recommended 23-27 Kg Recommended Grip Syntec Pro
Strung / Unstrung Unstrung