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  • Pure Aero  -  Unstrung 19
  • Pure Aero  -  Unstrung 20
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Babolat Canada


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  • Aeromodular 3: an aerodynamic frame integrating bumper and grommets and an optimized design to increase racquet head speed and generate more spin.
  • FSI Spin: an open string pattern for ultimate spin, oblong shaped spin grommets built at 6 and 12 o'clock increase spin with a wider string interaction.
  • Woofer System : thanks to a longer contact time between the ball and the string, the Woofer System offers a maximum of spin with a great feeling, superior control and comfort.
  • Cortex Pure Feel powered by SMAC: better vibration dampening thanks to a new material integrated in the graphite of the racquet that provides incredible sound and a pure feel.
  • CarbonPlyStabilizer powered by Chomarat: a new generation of high-performance carbon fibers for more control and stability on every shot.