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Grip size


Are you looking for a new frame to start or restart tennis? Whether it be to improve your game or just to have fun on court, we made sure we put all the ingredients to boost your game. We developed powerful and easy-to-play frames to make sure you can easily enhance your tennis skills.


Heavy wooden rackets used to exist in the previous century. Welcome to 2020. We made sure the Boost Drive belongs to the ultimate racket generation featuring Full Graphite Construction. A technology used in the best performance tennis rackets that allows extreme lightness, without compromising on solidity and durability. Don’t stop tennis just because you don’t have Rafa’s arms. What you need is an easy-to-play racket that will help you generate extra power to boost your game. With the Boost Drive, we designed exactly that. A carbon fibers racket capable of delivering the additional power you need. Is it that amazing one-handed backhand you saw on TV that made you decide to (re)start tennis? We can’t assure it, but we can surely commit on maneuvrability with this racquet. We made it not only light but also even balanced, which means it won’t tire your arm over the length of the game and maximize your chances of success.


The first and most effective frame-string interaction system that provides a longer ball and string contact time for greater control and comfort.


Head Size 660 cm² Length 685 mm
Weight (unstrung) 260 g +/- 7g Balance (unstrung)

340 mm +/- 7mm

Stiffness (RA) 71 Stringing Pattern 16/19
Tension Recommended 23-25 Kg Section 23-26-23
Composition Graphite Recommended String Syn Gut / Xcel
Type of Cover Full Cover Recommended Grip Syntec Uptake
Strung / Unstrung Unstrung